Senior Vice President, Marketing and Planning

Andrew Nocella is US Airways’ senior vice president, marketing and planning. He oversees the airline’s route scheduling and planning functions, advertising, business development, frequent flyers and sales.

Nocella joined US Airways as vice president of scheduling and planning in April 2002 from America West Airlines where he was vice president, planning and scheduling. Previous to America West Airlines, Nocella worked for Continental Airlines in the route planning areas.

Nocella became vice president of revenue management and pricing for US Airways in July 2003, responsible for all revenue planning and pricing decisions. In February of 2004, Nocella gained the added responsibilities of planning and scheduling to his existing pricing and revenue planning responsibilities and became vice president of network and revenue management. The following year, Nocella was promoted to senior vice president of planning, where he maintained responsibility for planning, pricing and revenue management, and joined the new US Airways after the merger with America West in 2005. He most recently served as senior vice president, schedule planning and alliances.

A graduate of George Mason University, Nocella holds a Bachelor of Science degree in decision sciences.