US Airways is committed to low fares and innovative product offerings for flyers.

Today, Sabre has significant control over the distribution of airline tickets to travel agents. Sabre has taken a variety of actions to maintain its power. We believe this is anti-competitive and, ultimately, harms consumers and stifles the marketplace. To change the system and level the playing field for all participants, US Airways has filed a federal civil antitrust lawsuit against Sabre.

US Airways believes that Sabre, a dominant distributor of airline fares and content to travel agents in the United States, has engaged in a series of actions that have resulted in:

  • Higher distribution costs for US Airways and as a result, higher costs for consumers;
  • Reduced innovation, which limits the ability of US Airways to generate revenue from new products and services; and
  • Limited choices for travel agencies to access US Airways content.

Prior to Sabre using its monopoly power to enforce full content agreements, US Airways frequently offered more favorable web only and other promotional fares at discounted levels through select distribution channels. Sabre's full content requirements effectively have eliminated US Airways’ ability to offer these types of fares and resulted in increased ticket prices for consumers.

US Airways and travelers would see enormous benefits if Sabre were forced to compete on both price and innovation. US Airways is committed to trying to ensure that Sabre can no longer continue its anti-competitive conduct at the expense of consumers and US Airways.