Pricing & ticketing guidelines


  • US Airways will rate desk price your international itinerary as 'booked' if at least one international segment is booked on US Airways.
  • In order to keep rate desk pricing running efficiently, we request that you do not call regarding fare requests. If you have any questions or need additional information, please enter them into the remarks field and re-queue it.
  • US Airways will not rate desk price a PNR in which your system will autoprice the PNR. If you believe the auto price rate is incorrect or that a lower fare exists, please note this in the remarks field before queueing.

International ticket validity

Effective November 1, 2007, US Airways adjusted the international tariff (IPRG) for international ticket validity.

Period of validity

  • Except as otherwise noted in the governing fare rules, the period of validity for transportation will be one year from the date on which transportation commences at the point of origin designated on the original ticket. If no portion of the ticket is used, the period of validity will be one year from the date of ticket issuance. Tickets expire at midnight on the date of expiration.
  • (a) Normal fare tickets - The above period of validity applies, however a ticket for a normal fare trip which limits the carriage to specific periods of the day, week, month or year, is good for carriage only during the period to which the fare applies.
  • (b) Excursion or special fare tickets - If the ticket is for an excursion or special fare having a shorter/longer period of validity than indicated above, such shorter/longer period of validity applies only in respect to such excursion or special fare transportation.
  • (c) To retain value, wholly unused tickets must be cancelled on/before ticketed departure date.
  • (d) Partially used ticket must be reissued on/before ticketed departure date.

Computation of validity

  • When determining ticket validity, return limits and all other calendar periods specified herein, the first day to be counted shall be the day following that upon which the ticket is issued or the transportation commenced.

Travel agency requirements

  • Update all segment status codes. Do not use KK, KL, UC, UN or US status codes
  • Indicate times on all segments
  • All open segments must include class of service and dates
  • Surface segments must be indicated with an "ARNK"
  • Specify validating carrier in ticketing field if other than US Airways
  • Includein the remarks field of the PNR: Age of children if applicable; Special type of fare basis code to be used. If there is not a fare basis code indicated, US Airways will assume normal fares. For special fares, it is your responsibility to be sure class of service, min/max stay and so forth are correct; Any TCP information; Ticketing date; Extremely important that you advise of the location where the ticket is being paid for and the location where the ticket is being issued
  • If you want US Airways to store the rate desk price, you must create the ticket record shell before queueing
  • Do not remove any US Airways rate numbers from the PNR. This is the only reference we have to your original rate request
  • If a change is made to the itinerary after rate pricing, note the change in the remarks field and requeue. i.e. "Itinerary change, please verify fare"
  • If you are ticketing more than 24 hours after pricing, note this in the remarks field and requeue. i.e. "Attention International Rates Desk, please verify FQ-NN to ticket"

US Airways procedures

  • Acknowledges receipt of your request in the remarks field. i.e. US rate desk received date/sign
  • Every effort will be made to return the fare to you within 24-48 hours after US Airways has received it
  • Will advise in the remarks field when the rate desk notices the best fare for your client can or should be booked in a different class. You may rebook and requeue if desired
  • Guarantee rates for immediate ticketing only. Within 24 hours, constitutes immediate. This does not override any advance ticketing requirements
  • Fare quote will be entered into the remarks sections of the PNR
  • Fare quotes will be stored for ticket issuance within 24 hours
  • Each rate is assigned a special rate number, which must be entered into the ticket designator box. If more than 24 hours passes, requeue the PNR for rate verification and state: Attention International Rates Desk, please verify FQ-NN to ticket/date
  • When US Airways does not have a ticket/baggage agreement with a carrier in the itinerary, we will advise you in the remarks field and price around that segment
  • Rates are worked in the order in which they were sent, however, when the volume is heavy the rates are worked in order of ticketing dates
  • The rate of exchange and bankers selling rate will be included in the fare ladder

Rating restrictions

  • No AD75 rates
  • No 'domestic only' rates

Queing the PNR

1S - Sabre

1V - Apollo

1A - Amadeus

1P - Worldspan

QP/QUS10/4 (instruction states recheck pricing)QEP/QBD/3QE/WASUS1100/5QEP/US0/20*C0