Bill of rights waiver (24-hour waiver)

This waiver is authorized to ticket a reservation that was created on the previous business day and the fare is no longer showing available because:

  • US Airways has pulled the fare.
  • The fare has increased.
  • Advance purchase can’t be met at the time of ticketing (but was met at the time the reservation was booked). *This is different from waiving the advance purchase or ticket time limit.

Waiver rules

  • Waiver authorized for the last held fare available at the time itinerary was booked
  • Waiver available for new tickets only; not valid on ticket reissues
  • Waiver not authorized on tickets with OA space (with the exception of AA operated and/or marketed flights)
  • Waiver authorized anytime the next business day (unless fare rules permit longer)
  • Monday for a fare held Friday
  • Tuesday after Memorial Day for a fare held Friday before Memorial Day
  • Not eligible Monday for a fare held Thursday (excluding holidays)

Waiver code

Enter *24HR into your tour code box only. Entering the code into any other fields will cause endorsement issues and may result in a debit memo. All other ticketing rules apply. Correct endorsements, per fare rules, must appear.