If a passenger's reservation is affected by a schedule change, we will communicate this change to the original booking agent's GDS queue approximately 45 days prior to departure. This notification directs the booking agent to accept the changes in the passenger name record and remove the old segments.

If you accept the flight re-accommodation as offered by US Airways, there is no reissue necessary.

Notification will only be sent if:

  • Departure time is more than 9 minutes earlier or 14 minutes later than the scheduled departure time
  • Arrival time is 15 minutes or more past the scheduled arrival time
  • The flight number has changed

Reissuing, rebooking, exchanging tickets

Tickets must be reissued if a travel agent makes a change to the flights as confirmed, by US Airways, due to the schedule change.

If you select an alternate flight, other than offered by US Airways, with the same class of service on the same day, the day before or day after, (re-accommodation to the next operating US flight is permitted on the day before/day after when the service is not daily) enter *SCHG in the tour code box and reissue the ticket. Contact US Airways for any other flight changes outside of policy.

If you make any voluntary changes to the PNR, type *SCHG in the tour code box, and if applicable, preceded by your contract code (e.g., EPxxxx*SCHG).

If your client's reservation is affected by a schedule change, you are required to reissue the ticket within 7 days of making the change to the affected flight or flights. This doesn't change the current process for US schedule change notifications or how US Airways reviews inventory requests, it only changes how long you have to reissue a ticket once you change the affected flights in your client's passenger name record.

All reissues must be completed at least 24 hours prior to departure. Voluntary changes to tickets, not involving a US Airways schedule change, still require that reissues are completed at the time of the change.

Follow all fare rules and list any applicable endorsements on the tickets when processing the original sale and any subsequent exchanges.*

Example fare rule which requires endorsements:

*Failure to apply the proper endorsements may result in a debit memo.

  • Schedule changes received more than 35 days out must be processed at least 30 days or more prior to departure.
  • Schedule changes received less than 35 days out must be processed within 5 days of receiving the schedule change.
  • Schedule changes received with 5 days of departure need immediate processing reissue.
  • If you call outside of the required booking window to request a booking class that is unavailable, we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate your request.

When a schedule change includes a new equipment type or flight number, seat assignment may change. While we always do our best to reseat passengers in the same seat type, we reserve the right to reseat passengers as necessary.

Re-accommodation permitted carriers

Schedule change re-protection can only be on US or US* codeshare flights.

Rebooking on US* codeshare:

  • Rebook onto US* operated by AA, same class of service, where available. If same class of service is not available (oneworld carriers only), rebook in the same cabin, lowest class of service.
  • For non-oneworld carriers, original booking code must be available on US* flights.
  • There are no route/region restrictions for booking US* codeshare flights operated by OA.

oneworld schedule changes

For codeshare PNRs with flights on oneworld carriers, schedule changes may be rebooked in the same cabin, lowest class of service. For example, if originally booked inventory is E and next lowest available is H, book in H. On or after February 1, 2015, if originally booked inventory is E and the next lowest available is N, book in N. Please note that agencies should not book premium Main Cabin W for any codeshares.

Non-oneworld carriers follow the same procedure, using same class of service for schedule change.

Use *SCHG in the tour code box and if applicable, preceded by your contract code (e.g., EPxxxx*SCHG)

Involuntary refunds

If a customer is not happy with the schedule change and the options provided, an involuntary refund may be requested.

Refunds also apply if the OA on the US ticket has a schedule change that is unacceptable to the customer.

If the travel agent does not accept the re-accommodation, a refund can be requested through their GDS system.

Schedule change due to fare class alignment

If you receive a Schedule Change notification you only need to accept the changes through your GDS; there is no reissue necessary.

Changes to inventory codes due to fare class alignment with American Airlines are not eligible for a refund, waiver of penalties, or any other changes outside of fare rules.

Call the More Care Help Desk for assistance if*:

Customer has a US Airways ticket with US/US flights

The ticket may be changed regardless of the booking source.

Customer has a US Airways ticket, has taken the US Airways outbound, wants to change the OA return

We can help the customer per the fare rule of the OA fare basis. The fare rules may state that you can only change it to another OA flight. Follow the normal reissue procedures.

Customer has OA ticket with OA on outbound, has taken outbound, has US Airways flights on return

We can reissue the ticket for our remaining flights. There is no concern about taking control of the PNR since the OA flights have been taken. Follow the normal reissue procedures. OA tickets may be reissued provided an IET agreement exists and all applicable fare rules are met.

*Waiver code needed

If an exception is granted by More Care, a waiver code must be provided by More Care and documented in the tour code box of the ticket.

The More Care Help Desk is unable to help if:

Customer has a US Airways ticket with only OA flights remaining, OA has cancelled the flights

Because this is an involuntary change, the TA or OA must handle this situation. The US Airways ticket does not prevent OA from re-accommodating the customer. If there is another airline schedule change on a US Airways ticket, the other airline needs to provide protection in correct class of service so that the travel agent can reissue the ticket.

Customer has OA issued ticket, OA marketed flights, US Airways operated flight (in the US GDS the flight has a $ after the date)

Voluntary changes must be made by the booking source.

Customer has US Airways ticket and flights, e-ticket shows no fare

These e-tickets may be a bulk fare (base fare shows IT or BT instead of an amount). Generally speaking, the customer must call the TA. Many bulk tickets have different change rules.