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Travel advisory

Northeastern Travel Policy

11/20/2014 5:11 PM ET

Cities Affected

Buffalo, NY ; Rochester, NY ; Syracuse, NY ; Watertown, NY

Date Range

11/21/2014 1:00 AM ET through 11/23/2014 11:59 PM ET

Revised Ticket Policy

Due to weather, USAirways offers the following flexibility options to our ticketed customers whose travel may be impacted by this event. Customers ticketed to travel on US*/AA flights to/from/through the airports listed below may change flights as shown below.


If you are traveling to, through or from:


  • Watertown, NY (ART)
  • Buffalo, NY (BUF)
  • Rochester, NY (ROC)
  • Syracuse, NY (SYR)


On the following dates: November 21 - 23, 2014
And your ticket was issued no later than: November 20, 2014
You may travel: November 21 - 30, 2014
Original inventory required? No
Origin/Destination/Stopover Changes allowed? No

Refunds? No



The ticket reissue charge will be waived for one ticket change.



Change your trip online at usairways.com/manageyourtrip



If you need help, please call 800-428-4322.



Travel Agents, please refer to the link below & use waiver code.


ยท    OSI US LWSNA201114L



Terms and conditions

Customers traveling on certain tickets - such as some available from third-party ticket discounters, including but not limited to discount travel websites - may not have all the elements of the policy available to them. Tickets issued by US Airways for travel on airlines other than US Airways, US Airways Shuttle or US Airways Express will follow the rules of the airline operating the flight(s).

Itinerary changes are subject to availability, and in certain cases, an additional collection fee. Customers will be able to stand by for alternate flights without incurring the standby fee if a satisfactory alternate itinerary cannot be confirmed.

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