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Contract of Carriage (4 of 8)

5.0 Tickets

5.1 Ticket Validity

All tickets will expire within one year of the original date of ticket issuance. If a refundable ticket is not used for the flights and dates purchased, the value of the ticket, less any applicable fees, can be applied towards the purchase of another ticket for one year from the date of issue as indicated on the ticket. All travel must be completed within one year from original date of ticket issuance. Within one year from the original date of ticket issuance, all unused refundable tickets will expire, which means that the entire amount of the fare (including, without limitation, all fees, taxes, and charges) will be forfeited.

Unless otherwise specifically provided by the governing fare tariff, wholly unused nonrefundable tickets are valid and may be changed for one year from the date of issue, provided the customer has notified US Airways on or before the scheduled departure date if they do not plan to fly as ticketed due to a voluntary change, subject to any applicable fees. Partially used nonrefundable tickets are valid for one year from the date of issue, provided any voluntary changes are made and the ticket reissued on or before the scheduled date of departure, subject to any applicable fees. All travel must be completed within one year from original date of ticket issuance for both partially and wholly unused nonrefundable tickets. Within one year from the original date of ticket issuance, all unused nonrefundable tickets will expire, which means that the entire amount of the fare (including, without limitation, all fees, taxes, and
charges) will be forfeited. Except as stated above, all nonrefundable tickets have no further value once the scheduled date of departure for any ticketed segment has passed and the customer has failed to travel on such ticketed segment, other than due to an oversale, a cancellation, or delay of the ticketed flight by the carrier. All unflown segments of such tickets are invalid and may not be applied toward the purchase of another ticket.

5.2 Altered, Mutilated and Invalid Tickets

A ticket which has not been validated or which has been altered is not valid. Flight coupons presented out of sequence may not be honored except as provided in section 4 above. Flight coupons presented without the corresponding customer receipt may not be honored.

Tickets are valid for travel only when used in accordance with all terms and conditions of sale:

- US Airways specifically prohibits the practices commonly known as:

  • 'Back-to-Back Ticketing' - the combination of two or more round−trip excursion fares for the purpose of circumventing minimum stay requirements.
  • 'Throw Away Ticketing - the use of roundtrip excursion fares for one-way travel.
  • 'Hidden City/Point Beyond Ticketing' - the purchase of a fare from a point before the customer's actual origin or to a point beyond the customer's actual destination.

- Where a ticket is invalidated as a result of the customer’s non-compliance with any term or condition of sale, US Airways has the right in its sole discretion to:

  • Cancel any remaining portion of the customer's itinerary,
  • Confiscate unused flight coupons,
  • Refuse to board the customer or check the customer’s baggage,
  • Assess the customer for the reasonable remaining value of the ticket which shall be no less than the difference between the fare actually paid and the lowest fare applicable to the customer’s actual itinerary, or
  • Cancel any Dividend Miles credits accrued as a result of non-compliant ticketing.

5.3 Transferability of tickets

Tickets are not transferable unless otherwise specified. US Airways is not liable to the owner of a nontransferable ticket for honoring such ticket when presented by another person.

6.0 Check-in

To help ensure on−time performance, for flights departing U.S. airports, US Airways requires that customers be present at the boarding gate or on the aircraft at least 15 minutes (5 minutes for US Airways Shuttle flights) before the scheduled departure time of the flight even if the customers have already checked in for the flight at a location designated for such purpose. For US Airways flights departing international airports, customers must be present at the boarding gate or on the aircraft at least 30 minutes (60 minutes in Europe and the Middle East) before the scheduled departure time. Failure to meet this requirement may result in cancellation of the customer’s reservations and make the customer ineligible for denied boarding compensation.

If a customer with a seat assignment on US Airways does not obtain a boarding pass at least 30 minutes (60 minutes international) before the scheduled departure time, the customer’s seat assignment (including those seat assignments on continuing or returning flights) may be subject to cancellation. This policy does not apply to US Airways Shuttle flights.

US Airways minimum check-in times with or without baggage are as follows:

- 30 minutes for domestic flight
- 60 minutes for international flights
- 45 minutes for the Hub cities and a few exception cities posted on our web site.
- 20 minutes. for Shuttle flights (30 minutes with baggage)

Passengers failing to comply will be reaccommodated on the next available US Airways flight.

Note: Some airports require additional check-in time. Please see for more information.

It is US Airways’ policy to close the boarding doors ten minutes prior and the aircraft doors five minutes prior to scheduled departure. This policy may not apply to US Airways Shuttle flights.

For customers who will be traveling on an international itinerary operated by one of US Airways' codeshare partners, please see Section 16.0 for a discussion of rules that may differ from the rules described in this document.

7.0 Fares

7.1 General

I accordance with its Customer Service Plan, US Airways offers customers the lowest fare for which they are eligible for the date, the flight and the class of service requested at the time of booking through our reservations, airport, and city ticket office agents. Not all fares are available for all flights. Fares are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed until a ticket is purchased. On certain discount fares, seating is limited and restrictions may apply. Some fares are only available through the internet. Further details concerning US Airways’ discount fares are available from any authorized US Airways agent and through the US Airways website (

Except as otherwise noted in the specific fare rule, transportation is subject to the rules in effect on the date of purchase, not on the date when a reservation is made. The applicable fares are those in effect for the date of travel requested.

7.2 Additional Collection

US Airways’ fares are changed from time to time; however, no increase will be collected provided the flight(s) and date(s) are shown on the ticket or the prepaid ticket advice (PTA) and are not changed at the request of the customer.

In the event of a post-purchase increase in a government-imposed tax or fee, US Airways reserves the right to collect the increased amount from the customer, provided that US Airways has obtained written consent prior to purchase.

US Airways’ fares may not include certain ticketing, governmental, or airport-imposed per-customer charges or fees including airport-specific passenger facility charges, federal excise taxes on each flight segment (defined as a takeoff and landing), U.S. security fees including the September 11th Security Fee, U.S. departure, agricultural, immigrations, customs, and security charges on international flights, foreign airport arrival and departure charges, and other international charges and fees at international destinations. These additional charges are disclosed to the passenger in the carrier's advertising and website.

Voluntary changes by a passenger may incur special charges, including, but not limited to, federal transportation taxes, special fare cancellation/change fees, returned check charges, fuel surcharges, passenger facility charges, U.S. security fees including the September 11th Security Fee, PTA service charges, terminal/airport charges, international departure/custom charges, and lost ticket service charges.

7.3 Connecting Flights

When a metropolitan area is served by more than one airport and the customer requires connecting service with arrival at one airport and departure from another airport, transportation between those airports must be arranged by and at the expense of the customer. Over the routes of US Airways, no more than three connections in each direction are permitted via any domestic published fare. This limitation does not apply to international published fares.

7.4 Stopovers

A stopover is a voluntary interruption in the customer’s journey at an intermediate city which may result in the collection of a higher fare based on the sum of the local fares. A stopover occurs when a customer arrives at an intermediate city and fails to depart from that city on the first flight:

A. on which space is available, or

B. that will provide for the customer's earliest arrival at another city or the customer's destination.

In no event will a stopover occur when the customer departs from the intermediate city on a flight scheduled to depart within four hours (24 hours international) after the customer’s arrival.