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Contract of Carriage (5 of 8)

7.5 Routings

A fare applies only:

  • To transportation via the intermediate cities specified by US Airways in connection with such fare. Any other routing may subject the customer to an additional charge.
  • For transportation between the airports for which it is published. Tickets may neither be issued nor accepted for transportation that will either originate or terminate at an airport other than the airport for which the fares are published.

US Airways will advise customers at the time a reservation is made or at the earliest possible opportunity if the itinerary includes a scheduled or unscheduled change of aircraft on a single flight with the same flight number.

    7.6 Rerouting When Allowed

    US Airways will reroute (transport to the same destination via a different routing) a customer at the customer’s request and upon presentation of the ticket held by the customer or upon verification of electronic purchase. Additional charges may apply.

    7.7 Children's Fares

    One child under two years of age, not occupying a seat and accompanied by a customer at least 18 years of age, will be transported without charge within the continental U.S. Accompanied children, younger than two years of age, traveling to an international destination may be required to pay a fare whether or not they occupy a seat. All other accompanied children under 12 years of age occupying a seat will be charged the appropriate fare. Children’s fares may be available in some markets. Customers aged 12 and over will be charged the applicable adult fare.

    Unaccompanied children at least five years of age and under 15 years of age will be charged the applicable adult fare. There will be a service charge for unaccompanied children aged five to 14 years of age. If two or more children from the same family are traveling together, only one such service charge will be assessed. Children will be considered to be members of the same family if they are siblings, half-siblings, or step-siblings.

    See section 3.4, 'Acceptance of Children,' for details on US Airways’ unaccompanied children program.

    8.0 Refunds

    8.1 Voluntary (Refunds Requested By The Customer)

    No refunds will be made for “nonrefundable” tickets. No refunds will be made for other tickets after one year from the date of issue. Any applicable cancellation penalties and change fees will be assessed. Special refund rules apply for international travel. See Section 5 'Tickets' for further details.

    When a customer requests that a 'refundable' ticket (including electronic tickets) issued by US Airways or a ticket indicating US Airways in the itinerary be refunded, such refund will be made to the customer or to the purchaser, if such purchaser is identified on the ticket, as indicated below:

    • If no portion of the ticket has been used, the refund will be the amount equal to that paid minus any associated ticketing fees (for example, change fees or cancellation penalties).
    • If a portion of the ticket has been used, the refund will be the amount equal to the remaining value after deduction of the applicable fare used from the amount paid minus any associated ticketing fees (for example, changes fees or cancellation penalties).

    Any applicable change fee, cancellation penalty, or ticketing fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

    For eligible tickets purchased by credit card, refund notifications will be sent to the applicable credit card company within seven business days after receipt of proper documentation. Eligible tickets purchased by credit card may only be refunded to the credit card used to purchase the ticket.

    For eligible tickets purchased by cash or checks, refunds will be issued within 20 business days after receipt of proper documentation.

    Third−party ticket discounters, including but not limited to discount travel websites, may have their own policies regarding refunds of tickets. US Airways will not refund tickets purchased through third-party ticket discounters or others who are not duly-appointed agents of US Airways.

    8.2 Involuntary (Refunds Provided When US Airways Is Unable To Accomodate The Customer)

    In the event that US Airways is unable to provide a previously confirmed seat and is unable to reroute the customer either over the routes of US Airways or another airline, US Airways will refund as indicated below:

    > If no portion of the ticket has been used, the refund will be the amount equal to that paid in fare and charges (for example, TSA Security fees and airport facility charges), minus any associated ticketing fees.
    > If a portion of the ticket has been used, the refund will be:

    − The amount equal to the lowest applicable one-way fare (50% of published roundtrip fares) from the airport of interruption to the destination, based on the fare type used; or

    − When the original promotional fare type used in the purchase of the ticket is not available at any intermediate airport where an interruption occurs, the amount refunded will be the same proportion of the normal coach (Y) fare published from the airport of interruption to the customer’s original destination as the fare paid is of the normal coach (Y) fare between the point of origin and the stopover/destination. No refund will be applied if ground
    transportation is offered for part of the ticketed itinerary and accepted by the customer.

    In no instance will the amount refunded be greater than the amount paid. US Airways will not refund a ticket which does not indicate a confirmed seat on US Airways unless the ticket was issued by US Airways.

    NOTE: Special refund rules may apply for international travel.

    Rules regarding eligibility for refunds and the documentation required are available from any US Airways ticket office or authorized US Airways agent.

    8.3 Lost Tickets

    When a customer loses all or part of a US Airways ticket, a Lost Ticket Application (LTA) may be filed and a replacement ticket issued provided specific guidelines have been met. A service charge will apply. If voluntary changes are made to the original itinerary, an additional collection of funds may also apply.

    If a replacement is not issued because the guidelines have not been met, a new ticket must be purchased and an LTA completed. In the event the ticket is completely unused, US Airways will issue a refund according to the ticket’s fare rules less the LTA service charge. If a ticket has been partially used, the customer may purchase a replacement ticket for that portion lost, file an LTA, and be refunded the price of the replacement ticket less the service charge and any fare increase due to voluntary changes made to the itinerary. US Airways must receive the LTA before the ticket has expired and lost all value. If a customer does not purchase a replacement ticket, the difference between the value of the used portion of the ticket and the price originally paid for the ticket may be refunded if the fare basis allows.

    Lost ticket applications will be processed within 20 days of receipt but held up to 90 days to verify that the ticket has not been used. If more than one ticket is reported lost or stolen, a separate LTA must be filed for each ticket. A service charge will be assessed for each LTA filed.

    If a lost ticket is found and returned to the US Airways Passenger Refund Department within 90 days from the date of the LTA, the service charge will be waived or refunded.

    Refunds on a lost ticket will only be made provided that the lost ticket or lost portion of a ticket has not previously been honored for transportation or refunded to any person. US Airways will only make such a refund provided that the person to whom the refund is being made agrees to indemnify US Airways against any loss or damage which it may sustain by reason of such refund.

    Lost ticket applications may be obtained at any US Airways ticket office or from an authorized US Airways agent.

    8.4 Overcharges

    Claims for overcharges must be accompanied by the customer coupon/receipt of the ticket issued by US Airways and must be made within one year from the date of purchase.

    8.5 Refund Audits

    Customer refunds are subject to audit. US Airways has the right to collect any moneys owed from the customer or any over-refunds made to the customer found as a result of the audit.