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Contract of Carriage (3 of 8)

3.3 Complaints About Disability-Related Issues

If you have a concern about a disability−related issue, US Airways has designated Complaint Resolution Officers (CROs) available to help. Complaints should be filed with US Airways in accordance with Paragraph 12 of US Airways’ Customer Service Plan. US Airways Customer Service Plan is available at service.

3.4 Acceptance of Children

A. Accompanied Children

If a child is younger than 2 years of age, then he or she must be accompanied by the parent (regardless of age) or a person age 16 years or older) on all flights and in the same compartment.

If a child is between 2 years and 11 years of age, then he or she must be accompanied by the parent or a person at least 16 years of age.

If a child is between 12 years and 17 years of age, then he or she can travel unaccompanied.

B. Unaccompanied Children

Unaccompanied children less than 5 years of age are not accepted for travel. Unaccompanied children ages 5 through 12 are accepted for transportation as follows:

  • Five years of age or older are accepted for travel on US Airways nonstop flights. A service charge is applicable.
  • All travel by unaccompanied children must be on flights on which the child holds a confirmed reservation from airport of origin to airport of destination.
  • The unaccompanied child must be brought to the airport by a parent or guardian who must furnish US Airways with the name, address, and phone number of the parent or guardian who will meet the child upon deplaning at the child’s destination.
  • A parent or guardian must complete the unaccompanied minor request for carriage form which will accompany the child throughout the trip.
  • The parent or guardian accompanying the child to the airport must not leave the airport until the child’s flight has departed.
  • The parent or guardian meeting the child at the destination must produce government−issued photo identification which matches the name provided by the parent or guardian who delivered the child to the departure airport.
  • US Airways reserves the right to refuse transportation if the flight on which the child holds a reservation may terminate at an airport other than the child’s destination.
  • Unaccompanied children will be monitored while in the care of US Airways. In the event of a flight cancellation, diversion, substantial delay, or other irregularity, US Airways will attempt to contact the parent or guardian identified in the unaccompanied minor forms at the numbers provided, and priority reaccommodation will be provided to the child.
  • If an unexpected overnight stay is required, adult supervision will be provided and US Airways will attempt to contact the parent or guardian at the numbers provided.

US Airways’ policies on unaccompanied minors and information on US Airways Kids Class program are available through US Airways Reservations, at ticket offices and the US Airways website (

NOTE: US Airways will not assume any financial or guardianship responsibility for unaccompanied children beyond those applicable to an adult customer or expressly stated as part of the Kids Class Program.

For customers who will be traveling on an international itinerary operated by one of US Airways' codeshare partners, please see Section 16.0 for a discussion of rules that may differ from the rules described in this document.

    3.5 Service Animals

    Provided that safety and animal health requirements are met, US Airways will permit dogs and other service animals, including emotional support and psychiatric service animals, to accompany a person with a disability in the cabin. A service animal is generally an animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. US Airways may request identification or other evidence that an animal is a service animal. The service animal may accompany the customer in the same seat as the customer unless the animal obstructs an aisle or another customer’s emergency exit pathway. There is no charge for the transportation of a service animal accompanying a customer with a disability. Additional restrictions may apply when traveling outside the continental United States. US Airways' policies and procedures for assisting customers with special needs are available at US Airways ticket offices and at the US Airways website (

    4.0 Reservations

    4.1 Confirmed Reservations

    A reservation is made when a request for a space on a flight is recorded in US Airways’ reservations system. Once a customer obtains a validated ticket or completes an electronic purchase that reflects reservations for a specific flight and date from US Airways (showing OK in the status box), the reservation is confirmed even if there is no record in US Airways’ reservations system unless such reservation was cancelled due to one of the reasons indicated below.

    4.2 Cancellation of Confirmed Reservations

    US Airways reserves the right to deny the processing of any reservation request and/or cancel any reservations (including those for seats on continuing and return flights) without advance notice when the following situations arise:

    Reservations cannot be processed due to an error in information the customer has provided which may include, but is not limited to:

    • Incorrect credit/debit card number, expiration date or card security value
    • Incorrect billing information (billing information you provide is different from information your financial institution has on record)
    • Insufficient/incorrect mailing address (street address, city, state, zip, or postal code) or phone number
    • Fraudulent information
    • Unauthorized transaction by bank−verified card holder
    • If US Airways refuses to transport the customer for any of the reasons stated in Section 3 above.

    If the customer has not purchased (through direct payment or other satisfactory credit arrangement) a validated ticket or completed an electronic purchase providing for confirmed seat(s) at least 30 minutes (60 minutes international) prior to scheduled departure of the flight or earlier if a greater time limit is specified.

    If the customer fails to fulfill the requirements of the fare type to which the reservation applies.

    If the customer is not present at the boarding gate or on the aircraft at least 15 minutes (60 minutes Europe and Middle East, 30 minutes all other international, 5 minutes for US Airways Shuttle flights) prior to scheduled departure time of the flight, even if the customer has already checked in for the flight either at a location designated for check−in or through web check−in.

    If the customer fails to occupy the seat reserved (for example, a no−show). A no−show on any leg of a round trip will result in automatic cancellation of the entire itinerary once the flight departs.

    If such action is necessary to comply with any governmental regulation, or to comply with any governmental request for emergency transportation in connection with national defense, or whenever such action is necessary or advisable by reason of weather or other conditions beyond US Airways’ control.

    If US Airways refuses to transport the customer for any of the reasons stated in Section 3 above.

      Where there is a record that a reservation was cancelled (either by US Airways as stated above or by the customer) after a ticket for a confirmed seat was issued, the ticket may not be accepted for the flight specified. In that event, the customer will not be eligible for denied boarding compensation.

        4.3 Failure to Use Flight Coupons

        A customer who, due to a cancellation or delay of a flight or a voluntary change, does not fly a segment of his or her itinerary must notify US Airways of any alternate travel plans prior to the originally scheduled flight departure to avoid cancellation of remaining segments. Depending on the changes made and the ticket issued, additional charges, including a change fee or refunds, may apply.

        4.4 Pre-Assigned Seats

        Seats assigned in advance are not guaranteed and form no part of the Contract of Carriage. Seat assignments may be subject to change and/or may be released for reassignment. Information regarding aircraft configuration, including the seat pitch and seat width for each aircraft type in our fleet, is available through authorized US Airways agents and the US Airways website (

        4.5 Dividend Miles Seats

        US Airways will publish an annual report of the number of seats that have been redeemed through the Dividend Miles program each year. Additional information on the Dividend Miles program, including award information, is available through the US Airways website ( Customers may request a brochure describing Dividend Miles procedures, rules, and restrictions by contacting the Dividend Miles Service Center.