Online opportunities


Unit size


Targeted (CPM)

Premium (CPM)

Vertical banner120x240$25$35$45
Horizontal banner468x68$25$35$45

Email sponsorships

Contact US Airways for information regarding pricing, distribution and availability of email sponsorships.

  • All prices are net.
  • First-time advertisers may be required to pre-pay.
  • Rates are subject to change at any time.
  • ROS (run of site) – Ads appear on a random rotation throughout the site.
  • CPM (cost per thousand impressions) – An impression is recorded any time a creative unit is displayed in a browser.
  • Email sponsorships – Ad unit will display for all available impressions for the specified placement.
  • Impression levels vary according to user base, transaction activity and seasonality.
  • $5,000 minimum spend is required.
  • All advertising creative is subject to testing and approval by US Airways.
  • US Airways reserves the right to reject advertising creative based on content.
  • US Airways cannot accept advertisements for direct competitors, alcohol, tobacco, adult content, gambling, firearms, or companies that primarily promote the sale of air travel.
  • All creative must be submitted five business days before start of campaign.