It's the fast and easy way to upgrade your Dividend Miles Preferred status. You can buy up to Preferred and enjoy your benefits through February 2015.

How to buy up to Preferred

Just take a look at how many miles or segments you need to qualify for your next status level and then match what you need in the buy up to Preferred fees table. Keep in mind that you can only buy up to a tier that you are within 25,000 miles or 30 flight segments of reaching. If you're unsure of how many Preferred-qualifying miles or segments you've earned this year, log into your account.

Qualification for each Preferred level





Preferred-qualifying miles needed25,00050,00075,000100,000
Preferred-qualifying segments needed306090120

Buy up to Preferred fees

Preferred miles needed

Preferred segments needed

Buy up to Preferred fee*

1 - 1,9991 - 2$499
2,000 - 4,9993 - 6$699
5,000 - 9,9997 - 11$999
10,000 - 14,99912 - 18$1,499
15,000 - 25,00019 - 30$2,499

*Terms and conditions

Price includes federal excise tax of 7.5%. Between January and May, pricing is determined by your current or previous year's Preferred-qualifying activity, whichever is greater.

Preferred status purchased through the 'Buy up to Preferred' program is only valid in the Dividend Miles program through February 28, 2015.

Preferred status purchased through the 'Buy up to Preferred' program is non-refundable, and purchase does not earn you Preferred-qualifying miles or Preferred-qualifying segments. Program is subject to all Dividend Miles terms and conditions.