To reduce the number of paper tickets issued, we have implemented a fee for paper tickets issued by travel agents.

The purpose of the paper ticket fee is to convert all US Airways and US Airways Express tickets to electronic tickets when allowed by the itinerary. Additionally, the fee is necessary to offset the airline's expenses associated with manual collection and processing of paper tickets.

The fee applies to paper tickets issued for new ticket purchases and tickets being reissued for a voluntary change of itinerary when the travel itinerary qualifies for electronic ticketing. The fee does not apply to involuntary reroutes to other airlines, tickets issued for groups, tickets issued on government contracted fares and other tickets/itineraries that do not qualify for electronic ticketing.

Paper-ticket fees:

  • $50 USD ($80 CAD) for each paper ticket issued by travel agents.
  • $50 USD ($80 CAD) for each paper ticket issued by designated internet travel providers (including telephone transactions).
  • $50 USD for each paper ticket issued at bulk/off-tariff prices (issued within the United States).
  • Paper ticket fees are non-commissionable and must be paid in the form of a miscellaneous charge order (MCO) to US Airways and processed through Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC).

Alaska Airlines (AS) does not accept paper tickets, so we cannot issue 037 ticket stock on any itinerary that includes an Alaska Airlines segment. Also, requested paper tickets that require express courier shipping will incur an additional $15 fee.

If you have questions, please call 800-292-9378.