There's no place like Envoy, our international business class. With more space and personalized service, you'll arrive refreshed, relaxed and ready to do business. Enjoy restaurant-style meals and sip fine wines. Pass the time with hours of movies, TV and music. Plus, enjoy access to any US Airways Club the day you travel, priority boarding and baggage handling and no checked bag fees. And if your trip includes flights within the U.S., you'll travel in First Class.


We've made some exciting changes in Envoy, from the china to the menu. Our menu is a fresh take on classic American favorites, simply prepared with delicious ingredients.

From our signature filet and more vegetarian options to our selection of award-winning wines, the choice is all yours in Envoy. And throughout your flight, help yourself to fresh fruit and refreshments available in our galley.

You're going to love the way the new Envoy looks, and more importantly, the way it tastes. Bon appétit!

The Envoy Suite

Change your position on business travel

The next generation of business class travel is here – the Envoy Suite. Look for the Envoy Suite on most flights between the U.S. and Paris, London Heathrow, Madrid, Frankfurt, Munich, Manchester, Rome and Tel Aviv on our A330 fleet.

Every fully adjustable seat reclines into a comfortable fully flat bed and every seat faces forward. Also, each seat has direct aisle access and is angled away from the aisle for privacy.

The Envoy Suite is designed so that everything you need is right at your fingertips. With a standard 110-volt universal power outlet and a USB port, you can work through your flight, or, you can rest and relax with movies, music, games and Voyager, a real-time world map that tracks your flight.

Sleep, work or relax with more of the personal space you want. With the Envoy Suite, you'll arrive refreshed and ready to do business.

Seat specifications


Bed length (depending on location in cabin)6'4" - 6'8" (193 cm - 203 cm)
Seat width (armrest up)20.5" (52 cm)
Seat width (armrest down)25" (64 cm)
Living space (widest point)41" (104 cm)
Touch-screen monitor size12.1" (30.7 cm)
Space between passengers (in middle row)36" (100 cm)

Comfortable seats and a peaceful, private environment. Relax in a fully adjustable, near lie-flat seat with 170-degree recline, more legroom, six-way adjustable headrest and four-way lumbar support. Use the movable divider for greater privacy and relax with a personal water bottle holder, fully extendable leg rest and oversize tray table.

Seat specifications


Number of seats18
Configuration of cabin2-2-2
Seat pitch62" (134.6 - 139.7 cm)
Seat width20.5" (52.07 cm)
Seat recline170°
IFE systemOn-demand
Universal power110V

Enjoy a relaxing flight in a wide, comfortable seat that reclines up to 160 degrees and features a four-way adjustable headrest and lumbar support.

Seat specifications


Number of seats12
Configuration of cabin2-2
Seat pitch60" (152.4 cm)
Seat width19.5" (49.5 cm)
Seat recline160°/39"
IFE systemOn-demand
Universal power110V

When you fly in Envoy, enjoy access to US Airways Clubs. Catch up on work or relax between flights. Recharge with an assortment of hearty snacks in our Philadelphia and Charlotte clubs during peak transatlantic departure hours. And, freshen up in our arrival and departure lounges in many of our European cities.