Stay connected with Gogo internet

Traveling is all about good connections, and we're helping you make them on the ground and in the air. With Gogo inflight internet offered on nearly 90% of our flights across the country, you can keep connected along the way. Finish up work, catch up with friends or just surf the web.

Buy before you fly

Choose the pass that fits your travel plans!

Daily US Airways/American Airlines Pass

All-day Gogo access on any US Airways or American Airlines aircraft equipped with internet – a great value for travelers with multiple flights in the same day.

Monthly US Airways/American Airlines Unlimited Pass

Unlimited access to Gogo on any US Airways or American Airlines aircraft equipped with internet – the best value for frequent flyers. Subscription automatically renews each month.

SALE! Prepare before takeoff and save up to 67%

60 minute 4-Pack only $16

Passes valid for use between 12/20/14 – 1/4/15
Sale ends December 31, 2014

Get connected and watch time fly

Internet is available once you're above 10,000 feet – listen for the flight attendant's announcement.* Then just turn on your device's Wi-Fi, look for the 'gogoinflight' signal and connect.

For internet access, launch your web browser and sign up. Access to is free, so you can check the status of your connecting flight, sign up for Dividend Miles or book your next trip. You can also shop with select retailers, get news and entertainment from your favorite publications and more – all free. Fees for full internet access start at $4.95 and vary by flight length and device.

For now, your US Airways Gogo passes can only be used on US Airways flights, but we’re working to add access on American Airlines flights soon.

*The service is only available up to 100 miles beyond the U.S. border.

For more information, go to or call 877-350-0038.