Term and conditions

  1. The Miscellaneous Charge Order and any carriage covered by it are subject to the currently effective and applicable tariffs, conditions of carriage, rules and regulations of the issuer and of the carrier to whom it is directed and of any carrier performing carriage under the ticket or tickets issued in exchange for this order.
  2. Except as otherwise provided in its tariffs, conditions of carriage or rules and regulations, neither the issuer nor any carrier shall be liable to the purchaser or passenger named on the face thereof in the event of the loss or theft of this Order or if it is honored when presented by any person other than the one named here-on.
  3. In issuing this order the issuer acts only as agent for the carrier or carriers furnishing the carriage described herein. This order is not valid unless properly validated by the issuer.
  4. In issuing this order as an order upon tour operators, hotels, or other persons offering tour services or other services or facilities, the issuer acts only as agent for the tour operators, hotels, or other persons upon whom this order is drawn and the arrangements, including those with owners or contractors providing surface or other transportation, made by such tour operators, hotels, or other persons and the services rendered by them are subject to any and all terms and conditions under which such arrangements are made or such services are offered or provided as well as to the laws of the country wherein they are performed.
  5. The honoring office reserves the right to obtain authorization from the issuing office prior to honoring this order.
  6. Price of services covered by an order are subject to change prior to usage.
  7. May not be used toward the purchase of an internet-only discounted fare.