Flying on American Airlines?

If one or more of your flights is on American, learn about accessibility and assistance for customers with vision impairments on

Special assistance at the airport

Curbside service

Let the skycaps know that you have a visual impairment and ask for directions to the ticket counter or your gate. A skycap can assist you to the ticket counter or gate if you wish.

Ticket counter service

If you are checking in at the ticket counter, tell the agent that you have a visual impairment.

Security checkpoint

Ask the screener to explain the security procedures; describe what will happen next; let you know where the metal detector is located and when you will be going through it; and let you know when there are obstacles you need to avoid. In addition:

  • Let the screener know when you need someone to escort you through the screening process.
  • Notify the screener if X-ray inspection will harm the equipment you may be using (for example, Braille note takers). Ask for your device to be visually and physically inspected rather than X-rayed.
  • Ask the screener to give you your carry-on items and personal assistance devices once the X-ray or physical inspection is completed.
  • Ask the screener to verbally direct you toward your gate after the screening process is complete.

Gate service

Let the gate agent know that you have a visual impairment and ask for any assistance. Also let the agent know if you are traveling with a service animal or other equipment.

Boarding the aircraft

Let a flight attendant know that you have a visual impairment. Do not hesitate to ask for any assistance, such as help locating your seat or with the overhead service panel. If you have carry-on baggage or equipment, ask the attendant to help you with stowage. If your flight provides a meal or snack, feel free to ask a flight attendant to identify the food on your tray.

Deplaning the aircraft

If you have a connecting flight, check with a gate agent to see if there will be a gate change.

Drop-off/pick-up party assisting special needs passengers

As a customer with special needs, you are permitted to have your drop-off/pick-up party accompany you to and from the gate in domestic airports. The drop-off/pick-up party should go to the ticket counter and request a pass to advance through security.

In international cities (Mexico, Canada, and Costa Rica, the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe) and in airports where non-ticketed passengers are not permitted in the gate area, we will escort you to or from your gate and ensure that your needs are met.