Sign up for BeNotified, our flight notification system, for up-to-the-minute:

  • Schedule changes (email only)
  • Gate changes (email & text)
  • Departure reminders (email & text)
  • Day-of-travel delays and cancellations (email & text)
  • Arrival alerts to friends and family (email & text)

BeNotified is the best way to stay on top of your travel. You can set your flight alerts to go to work phone and email, personal phone and email . . . just about anywhere you want to be reached.

Add a friend or family member

Let someone know the minute your flight arrives. You can add a friend or family member to get your flight alerts too. Log in to your Dividend Miles account, choose 'BeNotified' from the toolbox and set your preferences today.

Already being notified?

Be sure to log in to your Dividend Miles account and make sure your alerts and contact information are up to date.

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