British Airways

British Airways | 800-247-9297


British Airways is one of the world’s most recognized airlines and a founding member of the oneworld alliance. The airline and its affiliates service countries throughout Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia, with its main hub London Heathrow.

For credit, include your Dividend Miles number when you make reservations or check in for your flight.

Class of service

Fare class

Accrual rate

First class A, F 150%
Club world/Europe (business class) C, D, I, J, R 125%
World Traveller Plus  (premium economy) E, T, W 110%
World Traveller & Euro Traveller (full fare economy class) Y, B 100%
World Traveller & Euro Traveller  (economy class) H 100%
World Traveller & Euro Traveller (discount economy class) K, L, M, V 100%
World Traveller & Euro Traveller  (deep discount economy class) G, Q, S, N, O 100%

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