Membership is open to anyone with a mailing address in the U.S. or any country that allows participation in a frequent flyer program. Corporations, legal entities, pets or any other non-persons may not acquire an account number or earn miles unless specified by US Airways.

To join, you must have a valid email address and:

  • Only one account per person is permitted.
  • You must include your full first and last name; use of first initials is not allowed and may prevent mileage credit from being posted.
  • Only the member named on the account or an authorized user may access personal account information.

Award travel booking & ticketing

Book online

To book award travel on US Airways, go to usairways.com, check the 'Use miles to book your flight' box and enter your dates.

  • We'll email your award travel confirmation to you (it can't be picked up at an airport or from a travel agency).
  • Low, Medium, High, Coach and First Class may be combined in the same itinerary for flights booked on usairways.com only; if combined in the same direction, the higher award level will apply. This combinability is not available through our partners or Reservations.

Call Reservations

You can also call Reservations at 800-428-4322. You'll be charged a non-refundable service fee of $30 per person for travel within the U.S. and Canada and $40 for international travel.

  • Travel on partner airlines must be booked through Reservations (no service fee).
  • All award tickets are issued for roundtrip travel; one-way ticketing is permitted but at roundtrip value. Call Reservations to book one-way award travel (no service fee).
  • You cannot book award travel with an airport agent.

Booking rules and restrictions

  • You must have enough miles in your account before you make an award reservation.
  • Open returns and waitlisting for award travel are not permitted.
  • Open jaw travel (flying to one city and returning from another) is not permitted when an en route stopover is included in the award itinerary. The distance between the 2 open jaw cities cannot exceed the distance of the outbound or return trip. Itinerary restrictions may apply.
  • Award levels are subject to change until the award ticket is issued.
  • Award travel is permitted when the distance in one direction does not exceed the maximum mileage allowed between the origin and destination. Certain itineraries are subject to mileage restrictions. Travel between North America to Europe is not allowed via Asia, and travel between Europe and Japan/North Asia/South Asia/Australia/New Zealand is not permitted via North America.
  • Award travel must be completed one year from the original date of ticket issue.

Travel on partner airlines

  • Changes to origin, destinations, class of service, award level, dates and times are not permitted once travel has begun.
  • If you cancel your award trip, we will not automatically redeposit miles or refund fees.
  • One en route stopover per itinerary is permitted for select international travel awards.
  • Flights operated by a non-partner airline with a partner airline code are not eligible for award travel.
  • US Airways is the final authority in choosing the routing and Dividend Miles partner for award travel based on the desired origin and destination.
  • US Airways is responsible only for Dividend Miles program awards and does not assume responsibility for partners’ program awards
  • Specific Dividend Miles partners and destinations may change with or without notice.

Ticketing time limits

When you call to book award travel, we’ll hold your reservation depending on when you book.

If your travel begins

We'll hold your itinerary for

Within 24 hours3 hours
In 24 - 96 hours (1 - 4 days)24 hours
In 96 hours or more (4 days)72 hours

Award travel: Ticket changes, transfers & redeposit

Change rules

  • Contact Reservations to change award travel. The change fee is $150.
  • A reissued award ticket keeps its original expiration date. You must complete your award travel within one year of the original issue date.
  • You cannot change award levels, airline carrier or city pairs once travel has begun.

Travel on US Airways

Changes are subject to award seat availability. Changes to the point of origin, destination, stopover, class of service and award level are permitted if the new itinerary is within the travel areas allowed by the original award. A service fee applies for these changes and changes to flight times, dates and connecting points.

Travel on airline partners

Changes are not permitted once travel has begun. Before travel begins, you can change the point of origin, destination, airline carrier and stopover for a fee if the new itinerary is allowed with the original award redeemed. A fee applies if you change flight times and dates before travel begins. Changes are subject to award seat availability. Paper tickets may need to be reissued at an authorized US Airways ticketing facility.

Airline partners cannot change Dividend Miles award reservations or tickets and will accommodate members only in the cabin for which the ticket was issued, including instances in which a member accepts an award ticket for a cabin class lower than intended for the award redeemed.

Transferring awards

  • You can use your miles to book an award ticket for someone else. Just provide the passenger name(s) when you make the reservation.
  • You can transfer your miles in 1,000-mile increments to another member's account for $.01 per mile and a $30 processing fee through our buy, share or gift miles program (see link below).
  • A deceased or incapacitated member’s miles can be transferred to another member’s account free of charge (documentation required).
  • Once an award is booked, a traveler change is not permitted. If you or the person you designate is unable to travel, you can redeposit your miles into your account; a redeposit fee of $150 applies.

Redepositing award tickets

  • Fully unused award tickets are eligible for redeposit within 1 year of the date of issue once the reservation is cancelled. A redeposit fee of $150 per ticket applies, payable by credit card only.
  • When a voluntary change in itinerary results in a lower award level or class of service, the additional banked miles may be redeposited into your account before you begin travel. A fee applies, and you must request the redeposit.
  • All cancelled paper award tickets must be returned unused to the Dividend Miles Service Center before miles will be redeposited into your account.

Award travel: Stopovers & other rules

Stopovers: Travel within the continental U.S., Canada and Alaska

A stopover is defined as a stay of more than 4 hours between connections if a connecting flight is available within 4 hours. Outside the continental U.S., Canada and Alaska, a stopover is defined as a stay of more than 24 hours between connections.

Stopovers: Travel outside the continental U.S., Canada and Alaska

You’re allowed one stopover per US Airways itinerary at a US Airways gateway or international destination, or in a partner hub city if you’re traveling on an award partner. US Airways hub/international gateway cities include Charlotte, Philadelphia and Phoenix. Call Reservations for additional US Airways international gateways and partner hub cities.

More stopover rules

  • Stopovers are not permitted when travel is within one award region or for multi-city travel.
  • Stopovers are allowed only for the most direct route of travel.
  • Stopovers must be included in the reservation when you book. You may not add a stopover once an award has been ticketed.

General award travel information

  • Award travel may only be ticketed by a member or designated authorized user.
  • US Airways is not responsible for the cancellation of award reservations or changes to any award travel plans made by members.
  • You may not pool miles from multiple accounts.
  • You are responsible for all applicable taxes, fees and surcharges, which must be paid when your award ticket is issued.
  • You may not sell, buy, barter, exchange or broker award tickets or offer to do so. Such a violation may result in deletion of the member’s miles and program disqualification and could lead to civil or criminal litigation.
  • Award tickets have no cash value and are non-refundable.
  • Any tax consequences of Dividend Miles awards are the responsibility of the member.

Blackout dates

Blackout dates no longer apply to award travel on US Airways. Travel on partner airlines may be subject to blackout dates.

Delayed or cancelled flights

Award travel

If your US Airways or American Airlines flight is cancelled, we will re-route you to your destination. If your partner airline flight is cancelled, that carrier’s procedures will determine how you’re re-routed. US Airways is not responsible for any irregular operations, delays or cancellations by partner carriers.

Non-award travel

  • If your US Airways flight or American is cancelled and you’re rescheduled on US Airways, American or another partner carrier, you’ll receive miles for the new itinerary flown.
  • If you’re rescheduled on a non-partner carrier, you’ll receive credit for your originally scheduled flight(s), but you must contact the Dividend Miles Service Center for processing.
  • If you elect not to travel, you will not receive credit.
  • If any partner carrier's flight is cancelled and you are rescheduled on US Airways, American or another partner carrier, you’ll receive credit for the itinerary flown, but you must contact the partner airline for mileage credit. If you are rescheduled on a non-partner carrier, you will not receive credit.

Earning miles

To receive mileage credit

  • Include your Dividend Miles number when you book, check in and shop or use partner services.
  • Keep all ticket receipts, boarding passes and partner receipts until you see your miles on your Dividend Miles e-Statement or in your online profile.

Airline credit

  • The name on your ticket must match the name in your account exactly.
  • Preferred members earn a 500-mile segment minimum on all US Airways, American Airlines and oneworld flights.
  • US Airways Shuttle flights earn a 500-mile segment minimum.
  • 'Class of service' bonus miles depend on the class you book (no bonuses for First Class upgrades, award travel or day-of-departure upgrades like GoFirst).
  • Your ticket’s booking class may differ from what we use to calculate eligibility and miles earned.
  • We may not honor flight coupons that are out of sequence or tickets bought from a point before your actual origin or to a point beyond your actual destination. We reserve the right to remove these miles from your account.

You do not earn miles for:

  • Travel on unpublished charters
  • Travel with free or discounted industry tickets
  • Employee guest pass travel
  • Roundtrip flight credit
  • Junket and barter travel
  • Infant (in lap) travel or the international fare (10% of fare and taxes)
  • Any other free travel

In addition, customers who need an additional seat to fly don’t earn additional miles.

Non-airline partner credit

  • Allow up to 60 days for partner mileage to credit to your account.
  • Only one member can earn miles for each paid, qualifying hotel stay or car rental.
  • If more than one member is listed, the first member listed receives credit.
  • You will not earn additional miles for multiple hotel bills or car rentals on the same day or on successive days in the same city.
  • Miles you earn are subject to terms and conditions of the partner’s program.

Mileage accrual

  • A ‘segment’ is defined as all travel under the same flight number on an itinerary.
  • For direct flights, mileage credit is based on the distance between the origin and the final destination.
  • You can earn miles even if someone else pays for the transaction.
  • Only miles earned on oneworld alliance member airlines are Preferred-qualifying miles.


  • You cannot earn miles in more than one program for the same flight or partner transaction.
  • You cannot accrue partner airline miles with your partner frequent flyer number if you have already used your Dividend Miles number for First Class upgrades, baggage fee waivers or Preferred seats.
  • Earned flight miles for one program (Dividend Miles, Mileage Plus, Miles and More, etc.) cannot be transferred to another carrier’s program.

Retroactive credit

  • You can request credit for past flights on US Airways, oneworld alliance member airlines and other eligible partner airlines.
  • You can only request credit for American Airlines flights flown on or after January 7, 2014.
  • All requests must be made within 6 months of the date you completed travel.
  • New members can get credit for transactions completed up to 6 months before they enroll in Dividend Miles.


The option to request missing miles online is temporarily unavailable.


You can also call or email the Dividend Miles Service Center. Wait at least 14 days after you complete travel. You will need to provide:

  • Dividend Miles account number
  • Name of airline
  • Ticket number
  • Flight numbers and cities
  • Travel dates

Did you fly on Royal Jordanian or Japan Airlines?

For these partner airlines, please mail your boarding pass and ticket receipt to US Airways.

In the U.S.

US Airways Dividend Miles Service Center
PO Box 20050
Phoenix, AZ 85036

Outside the U.S.

European Dividend Miles Center
The Plaza
Old Hall Street
Liverpool L3 9QJ
United Kingdom

Non-airline partners

Submit your request in writing directly to the partner within 6 months of the qualifying activity. Allow 30 days for retroactive mileage credit to appear in your account.

Fees & charges

You are responsible for all applicable award travel fees, taxes and surcharges, and you must pay with a credit or debit card.

Award processing fee

Non-refundable award processing fees based on destination (waived for members with Dividend Miles Gold, Platinum or Chairman's status):

  • $25 for travel within the U.S. and Canada
  • $35 for travel to Mexico/the Caribbean
  • $50 for travel to Hawaii, Europe, the Middle East, South America and all other international destinations served by our partner airlines

Change fee

If you wish to change an award travel trip, the change fee is $150.

Quick-ticketing fee

A non-refundable quick-ticketing fee of $75 applies to all award tickets booked within 21 days of travel.

The processing and quick-ticketing fees are non-refundable and waived for Dividend Miles Gold, Platinum and Chairman's Preferred members.

Redeposit fee

If you cancel your award trip or change your itinerary to a lower award level or class of service, you may redeposit your miles for a $150 fee (waived for Chairman's Preferred members). The fee must be paid by credit card.

Reservations fee

For award bookings made through Reservations, US Airways charges a non-refundable service fee of $30 per ticket for travel within the U.S. and Canada and $40 for international travel. These fees apply to tickets that can be booked on usairways.com.

Infant tickets

When you book award travel and an infant ticket, the infant ticket will be priced at the lowest available infant fare in the same cabin.

Paper tickets

A $50 surcharge applies for paper tickets issued for e-ticket eligible reservations. Paper tickets are issued only on request. Your award tickets will be mailed to your address on file. Please allow up to 3 weeks for processing and delivery.

Redeeming miles

Award travel

Low awards allow you to travel with fewer miles, but seats are limited and may not be available on all flights. Awards are capacity controlled. Medium and High awards give you the flexibility to reserve your award travel when Low awards are not available.


You can use miles to upgrade to a confirmed First or Business Class seat for one-way or roundtrip travel. Upgrades are subject to capacity control and a copay.

Miles of Hope

You can donate miles through the US Airways Miles of Hope program. We accept mileage donations in 1,000-mile increments.

Reactivation policy

To keep your membership active, you must use or earn miles within a consecutive 18-month period, or your miles may be forfeited. You earn mileage credits when you fly, and miles are considered redeemed when an award is ticketed. You may reinstate forfeited miles for an additional 18 months for a fee*:


# of miles

$101 - 4,999 miles
$505,000 - 19,999 miles
$15020,000 - 49,999 miles
$25050,000 - 99,999 miles
$400100,000 or more miles
  • You must reinstate the entire balance of forfeited miles within 36 months of the last activity date at the time of forfeiture, or the miles will be permanently deleted from your account ('last activity date' is the last date that you earned or redeemed miles).
  • At 15 - 17 months of inactivity, you may pay a $9 preservation fee to remain active for another 18 months. You may also reactivate your account with a US Airways credit card; for this offer, you must be approved for the card and make at least 1 qualifying purchase. This option is available only to U.S. citizens and permanent residents.
  • Fees are non-refundable.

Terms & conditions

For the purposes of this guide, 'US Airways' includes flights operated by US Airways Express and US Airways Shuttle.

Mileage transferability

Following a member’s death, all outstanding mileage may be transferred to another member. Appropriate documentation, such as a death certificate and proof of beneficiary, must be provided within 12 months of the member's passing. Miles cannot be transferred if the deceased member's account has been inactive for more than 36 months at the time of passing. Mileage may not be transferred to any other person except pursuant to these rules.


You may choose to receive an e-Statement email, which shows program updates and activity during the statement period. We don’t send paper statements. You are responsible for ensuring that mileage is properly credited.

You are responsible for understanding all Dividend Miles terms and conditions. US Airways will attempt to communicate program information through monthly e-Statements; however, US Airways has no liability for any failure to do so. US Airways is not responsible for correspondence that lost, stolen, damaged or delayed.

Updating your information

  • You are responsible for advising US Airways of name, email, phone number or mailing address changes. US Airways has no liability for misdirected mail.
  • Go to usairways.com/dm and log in to update your email, phone number and mailing address. You can also call the Dividend Miles Service Center at 800-428-4322.
  • Failure to keep your member information current may result in the cancellation of further communication.
  • To change your name, you may call, email, fax or mail the current name and address on the account, information on recent or last activity and new name to be listed on the account to the Dividend Miles Service Center. We may require legal documentation.

Program changes

US Airways may change, temporarily suspend or discontinue any or all aspects of the Dividend Miles program at any time with or without notice. For example, we may change partners, award availability, program award structure, use of travel awards, mileage-earning levels and seat availability to any or all destinations. Visit usairways.com/dm for program updates.

Legal information


If US Airways or Dividend Miles improperly denies a member an accrual or benefit, liability will be limited to the equivalent of that accrual or benefit.

Value of miles

Dividend Miles have no cash value, and any tax consequences of Dividend Miles awards are the member’s responsibility.

Right to audit member accounts

US Airways reserves the right to audit accounts and remove all mileage credit earned incorrectly or to cancel award tickets and upgrades issued on ineligible credit. During the audit process, it may be necessary to hold mileage accrual until credit is deemed eligible.

Member rights and disqualification

Accumulating mileage does not entitle members to any vested rights with respect to mileage or to any awards of the program.

Any member may be disqualified from the program if he or she violates any of the rules in this program guide. Disqualification may result in loss of privilege(s) up to and including termination of membership and confiscation of accumulated Dividend Miles or award tickets.

Rules interpretation

All rules are subject to interpretation by designee(s) of US Airways.

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