Electronic ticketing (or e-ticketing), the replacement of paper tickets with an electronic record, is available system-wide on all US Airways, US Airways Express and US Airways Shuttle flights.

Because we believe e-ticketing is the most efficient method for issuing travel documents, all eligible US Airways tickets are e-ticketed by default.

How it works

Electronic records are stored in our electronic ticket database and a confirmation code is issued instead of a paper ticket. (All other documents including the receipt, auditor's coupon and itinerary are still printed on paper.)

Eligible itineraries

US Airways, US Airways Express, US Airways Shuttle and US* codeshare flights with United Airlines are eligible for e-ticketing. Itineraries may also include OA segments on partner airlines with which US Airways has an interline e-ticketing agreement. A minimum of one US-marketed flight segment and a maximum of 16 segments (including any ARNKs) are required on an e-ticket.

Each PNR can contain only one roundtrip. If more than one roundtrip exists in the itinerary, then it must be separated and booked in a different PNR. Each passenger must have a separate ticket for each roundtrip. Coupons cannot be used out of order.

Eligible agencies and GDSs

E-ticketing is available to ARC-approved U.S. domestic travel agencies and BSP-approved international travel agencies for travel to and from any US Airways city on the following GDS systems:

Sabre - AA
Apollo - 1V
Galileo - 1G
WorldSpan - 1P
Amadeus - 1A


Cash, check and credit cards are all acceptable forms of payment for e-tickets. Your GDS may have additional payment restrictions.


Totally used e-tickets can be retrieved in the US Airways database for seven days after the most recent date of travel. Partially used e-tickets can be retrieved for 13 months after the last flown segment. Totally unused e-tickets can be retrieved for 13 months from the date of issue.


We do not require the transmission of the FOID SSR into an e-ticketed reservation.

Special cases

Electronic ticketing may or may not be available for the following types of passengers and itineraries.

E-tickets may be issued for up to nine passengers per transaction with 16 flight coupons including ARNKS. Conjunctive ticketing is available.


Infant and accompanying adults can be e-ticketed on a revenue ticket. OA and AAdvantage® infant tickets require a paper ticket. Some booking systems require paper tickets for other passenger types. Please refer to your GDS for more information.

Changes, exchanges, refunds & voids

Changes to the PNR

Changes to the itinerary portion of the PNR require that the e-ticket be either voided or reissued. If you are unable to reissue the tickets for any reason, contact US Airways prior to making any changes.

Refunds, reissues & exchanges

You can refund, reissue and exchange e-tickets through your GDS without printing each electronic coupon to paper. This applies to voluntary and involuntary (US Airways planned schedule changes) reissues. Check with your GDS for assistance with reissue formats.


Canceling a PNR does not void an e-ticket. The e-ticket must be voided along with the ARC or BSP reporting documents. If the e-ticket is not voided, it is considered an unreported sale and is subject to a debit memo. (All domestic debit memos must be paid via IAR in ARC. There will be a fee associated with any debit memo payment received by the carrier via check.) Check your GDS for voiding policies.