Non-refundable tickets

If a customer misses his or her flight but contacts the travel agency before midnight on the day of departure, the travel agent must call US Airways Reservations to document the PNR to retain value. If you fail to contact US Airways and simply cancel the past segment in the GDS, the ticket will be marked with a 'no value' status. If you cancel in the GDS before departure, you're not required to call US Airways.

Depending on fare rules, a change fee applies to all non-refundable tickets. Any flights canceled on or before the scheduled date of travel will retain ticket value and can be credited against the price of another ticket.

Here are the rules:

  • If a reservation is canceled on/before the ticketed departure date, the value of the ticket may be applied toward future travel up to 1 year from the original issue date. Travel on the new ticket must be completed within 1 year of the original date of issue.
  • If any part of the ticket is unused after the ticketed departure date and the reservation has not been canceled, the ticket has no value.
  • Once the value of a non-refundable ticket has been applied toward the purchase of a new ticket, the original ticket is considered valueless.
  • Any difference in fare, if greater, must be collected. No refund is given for a decrease in fare (no residual value), and the residual amount cannot be applied to the change fee. All non-refundable values remain non-refundable.

Refundable tickets

All changes to refundable tickets (whether fully or partially used) can be made at no charge. (Changes to passenger name are not permitted.) The value of the original reservation will be credited against the price of the new reservation.

Any difference in fare must be collected if greater and refunded if less. All non-refundable values remain non-refundable. All unused ticket segments must be canceled.

Ticketing time limits – reissues

All changes made by a travel agent require that the ticket be reissued, with fees and fare difference collected, at the time of the change. If the travel agent is unable to complete the reissue at the time the change is made, the agent should allow US Airways to handle the change. Failure to do so will result in a debit memo. (All domestic debit memos must be paid via IAR in ARC. Any debit memo payment received by the carrier via check will incur a fee.)

US Airways airport employees are not responsible for reissuing or collecting fees for changes made by travel agencies.

Special cases

Reissuing tickets on Shuttle flights

When changes to fully refundable, fully exchangeable fares in the Shuttle markets are necessary, the ticket must be either reissued or revalidated.

Day-of-departure flight changes

Customers may move up to an earlier flight at the airport for a fee. When flights are full and a seat cannot be confirmed, customers may standby for an earlier flight.