Make travel easier with Bags VIP delivery

If you plan to check bags on your upcoming trip, skip the wait at baggage claim and let Bags VIP deliver them right to your home, hotel or business.

The service experts from Bags VIP can help make your travel easier!

Here's how it works:

  • Book your trip on
  • Go to to schedule and pay for Bags VIP delivery
  • Check your bags at the airport and pay airline baggage fees (if applicable)
  • Bags VIP will deliver your bags within 4 - 6 hours of your arrival

Be sure to place your Bags VIP order at least one hour before your scheduled departure. For immediate residential delivery, you should waive the delivery signature.


Bags VIP will deliver your bags from any U.S. airport we serve, plus when you fly from select U.S. territories and international airports.


  • $29.95 for 1 bag
  • $39.95 for 2 bags
  • $49.95 for 3 - 10 bags

Deliveries up to 40 miles from the airport are the standard rate with delivery in 4 hours. For deliveries 41 - 100 miles, add $1 per mile over 40 miles and allow up to 6 hours after your arrival.

Delivery fees are in addition to any airline baggage fees.

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Terms and conditions

Delivery is not offered for locations more than 100 miles from the airport. The delivery fee is per US Airways reservation and is fully refundable if you cancel more than 24 hours in advance of your scheduled flight departure. Cancellation requests placed within 24 hours of the scheduled flight departure will receive a refund for the entirety of the original purchase, but a $15 fee will apply. Residential deliveries for flights after 11 PM will be made between 8 AM and noon the next day.