What is US Airways doing to keep passengers safe?

Safety remains our number-one priority. US Airways, the nation's airports and the airline industry are working with the FBI, Department of Transportation and local law enforcement to implement security measures to keep all passengers and crew members safe.

Flying into the U.S. from Europe?

Electronic devices

The TSA has enhanced security measures at certain airports with direct flights to the U.S. If you plan to carry on a mobile phone, a laptop or other electronic device, you may be asked to turn it on during security screening. A device that doesn't power on may not be allowed on board.

Passenger responsibility

Enhanced security regulations now require all passengers to have their boarding pass prior to reaching the security checkpoint. Please arrive at the airport at the recommended check-in time or check in online up to 24 hours prior to your flight to obtain your boarding pass.

The Federal Government, in partnership with U.S. airlines, is working hard to keep every flight safe and secure. To accomplish this goal, airlines are required to comply with federally-mandated checked baggage regulations, and passengers are responsible for deciding whether the items included in both their accessible property and checked baggage are allowable under the law.

You may withdraw from screening to take an item to your car, or you can choose to voluntarily abandon items prior to undergoing the screening process. Items voluntarily abandoned cannot be recovered and will not be returned.

Hazardous materials

DOT regulations prohibit passengers and crewmembers from carrying on or checking in hazardous materials. This includes flammable aerosols, recreational oxygen, lighter fluid and other flammable materials.