When you fly in Economy, you can choose from complimentary entrées or special meals.

You have the choice between two complimentary entrées, which rotate monthly. Special meals, such as kosher or low-sodium meals, can be ordered in advance of your flight to replace your regular complimentary entrée. We also offer complimentary beer and wine in the Main Cabin on select international flights.

Europe to the U.S.

Lunch or dinner: Chicken breast with thyme honey sauce, Caprese salad, multi-grain roll and double chocolate brownie

Arrival snack: Sun-dried tomato and provolone panini

Tel Aviv to the U.S.

Dinner: Beef carbonade with fresh green salad and cucumbers, whole wheat roll and apple strudel

Breakfast: Mixed berry cheese blintzes with fresh fruit, white roll and yogurt

U.S. to Tel Aviv

Dinner: Orange chipotle chicken with fresh green salad, whole wheat roll and a classic brownie

Arrival meal: Cheese omelet with fresh garden salsa and fresh fruit

South America to the U.S.

Dinner: Grilled beef tenderloin with fresh green salad and carrots, herbed roll and a creamy coconut cake

Arrival snack: Fresh raisin and cinnamon danish with fresh fruit and yogurt

U.S. to South America

Dinner: Beef stroganoff with a fresh green salad, white roll and double chocolate crunch brownie

Arrival snack: Turkey ham and cheddar croissant with a fruit cup and mint tea cookie

Special meals

We also offer special meals, including kosher and low-sodium meals. You must order special meals at least 24 hours before your flight.