Flying on American Airlines?

If your trip includes flights on American, see rules and fees for same-day flight changes on

About MoveUp

We allow you to move up to an earlier flight on the day of departure on US Airways flights. You must be at the airport to MoveUp. The MoveUp fee is $75 for flights within the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada. It's $150 to move up on flights to/from Europe, Israel and/or South America.

You can move up for $75/$150 if the flight is:

  • Within 6 hours of your original scheduled departure
  • On the same day (departing after 3 AM) with the same number of stops
  • All flights have open seats (if you have connecting flights)

Flights that depart after midnight and before 3 AM count as the previous day.

We waive the MoveUp fee for AAdvantage elite status members. However, the same rules apply: the flight must be within 6 hours of your original scheduled departure, and on the same day with the same number of stops.


Seats on completely booked flights may become available if passengers with confirmed reservations don't show up for the flight.

If there isn't an open seat on an earlier US Airways flight that departs within 6 hours of your originally scheduled departure, you may stand by for that flight at no charge.

You cannot stand by at no charge if:

  • We can confirm that there's an open seat available for that flight
  • You have one or more connecting flights

Unlike a confirmed reservation, flying standby does not guarantee you'll get on the particular flight that you want and may involve waiting for two or more flights before a seat is available to you.