Required safety assistant

Certain passengers are required to travel with a personal safety assistant, who must purchase a ticket. The assistant's role is to help the passenger exit the aircraft in an emergency evacuation and/or to establish communication with our staff for the required safety briefing. The following individuals must travel with an assistant:

  • A passenger who, because of a mental disability, is unable to comprehend or respond appropriately to safety instructions from our staff, including the safety briefing required by FAA regulations or the safety regulations of a foreign carrier's government (for international codeshare flights)
  • A passenger unable to physically assist in his or her own evacuation of the aircraft because of a severe mobility impairment
  • A passenger who has both severe hearing and severe vision impairments

If it is determined that a passenger meeting one of these criteria must travel with a safety assistant – even if contrary to the passenger's self-assessment – we are not required to find or provide one. If the passenger is unable to arrange for a safety assistant, he or she may be denied boarding.

  • We do not provide personal care services, such as assistance with eating or using lavatory facilities.