Flying on American Airlines?

If one or more of your flights is on American, learn about accessibility and assistance for customers with hearing needs on

Curbside service

If you have your paper ticket or electronic ticket receipt, be prepared to show it to the skycap. Let the skycap know that you have a hearing impairment and if you need directions to the ticket counter or gate. The skycap will be able to assist you.

Ticket counter service

If you are purchasing a ticket, let the agent know that you have a hearing impairment. If you have your ticket, show it to the agent and describe any special assistance that you may need.

Gate service

Let the gate agent know that you have a hearing impairment and tell the agent where you will be sitting in the boarding area so that he or she can inform you about any important announcements made before departure.

Boarding the aircraft

Let a flight attendant know that you have a hearing impairment and remind him or her that you need to be notified of any emergencies or important announcements.

Deplaning the aircraft

If you have a connecting flight, check with a gate agent to see if there will be a gate change. If you need to make a telephone call, check with a gate agent; TDD/TTY service is available in most airports.

Drop-off/pick-up party for passengers with special needs

As a customer with special needs, you are permitted to have your drop-off/pick-up party accompany you to and from the gate in domestic airports. He or she should go to the ticket counter for a pass to advance through security.

If airport security prohibits non-ticketed passengers from entering the gate area or if you’re in an international city (in Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, the Caribbean, Latin America or Europe), we will assist you to or from your gate and make sure your needs are met as you board or deplane your flight.

Phone assistance

Call 800-428-4322/TTY 800-245-2966 if you have a hearing impairment and need phone assistance.