Phone reservations

Call 800-428-4322 (TDD/TTY 800-245-2966) to book on the phone. Let the reservations agent know about your special needs.

To make a reservation for 10 or more physically challenged individuals traveling as a group, call 877-874-7687.

When to provide advance notice

In most cases, a passenger with a disability is not required to contact us in advance to obtain certain services. However, we encourage passengers to notify US in advance so we can prepare to provide the requested service or accommodation.

It's helpful to let us know:

  • If you will be traveling with a service animal.
  • If you will be traveling with assistive devices or equipment.
  • If you have a power wheelchair and what type of battery it uses; the most common battery types are lead cell and wet gel.
  • What type of assistance you will need boarding and deplaning the aircraft and if you will travel with someone to assist you.
  • Ask about the type of aircraft intended for your flight. We operate an all-jet fleet, but our commuter partners may fly smaller aircraft to some cities. You should know what type of aircraft you will travel on and whether your flight can accommodate your needs.

When you’ll need to call us 48 hours in advance

Passengers who require the services or accommodations listed below must notify us 48 hours in advance and check in 1 hour before the general check-in time:

  • Transportation for an electric wheelchair on an aircraft with fewer than 60 seats
  • Provision of hazardous materials packaging for batteries or other assistive devices that require such packaging
  • Accommodation for 10 or more qualified individuals with a disability who are travelling as a group
  • Provision of an on-board wheelchair on an aircraft with more than 60 seats that does not have an accessible lavatory
  • Transportation of an emotional support or psychiatric service animal in the cabin
  • Accommodation of a passenger who has both severe vision and hearing impairments, and is traveling without a safety assistant

Special meals

If you're traveling in First Class or Economy and your flight includes a meal, request your special meal at least 24 hours before your flight.

Online reservations

Choose your special need from the dropdown box in the passenger information section when you book. If your need is not listed, call 800-428-4322 (TDD/TTY 800-245-2966).

General information

We are not an approved hazardous materials carrier. We cannot accept compressed gases or passenger-regulated oxygen devices other than portable oxygen concentrators (POCs).


On request, we provide certain seating accommodations to passengers with specified disabilities if the aircraft has the type of seating requested. Please call 800-428-4322 (TDD/TTY 800-245-2966) at least 24 hours in advance to request special seating. Even if you do not meet the criteria for special seating, call 24 hours in advance and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Criteria for special seating:

  • If you use a wheelchair to access the aircraft and cannot transfer over a fixed aisle armrest, we will provide a seat in a row with a movable aisle armrest.
  • If you have a disability, in certain situations, we will provide an adjoining seat for a person assisting you.
  • If you have a disability and are traveling with a service animal, we will provide you with a bulkhead seat or other seat on request.
  • If you have a fused or immobilized leg, we will provide you with a bulkhead seat or another seat with greater legroom on the necessary side of the aisle.